1. What is ANTRIEX ?
  2. Where is it from?
  3. How old is it?
  4. Who is behind this Exchange?
  5. How is it so user friendly?
  6. Why should I trade on AntMEX?
  7. What is revenue sharing program? What type of contracts are there?
  8. What is there for a new user?
  9. How can a new user start trading on AntMEX?
  10. Is there any support for the traders?
  11. Is it regulated?
  12. Are fiat deposits allowed?
  13. Why Bitcoin and Ethereum? How to buy?

FAQ for Contracts and fees Structure

  1. How many contracts are there?
  2. How to choose the contracts?
  3. Do we need to pay fees to create an account?
  4. How to create an account on AntMEX?
  5. What are the charges of buying and selling?
  6. What is the minimum deposit to start trading?
  7. What are the Contract Rules?
  8. How are profits distributed to ANT holders?
  9. What are the details for the types of contracts offered?
  10. Can we trade without Bitcoin?
  11. How can I buy Bitcoin?

FAQ for account

  1. How to create a new account?
  2. Is there any help to create a new account?
  3. How to unlock my account?
  4. How can I freeze my account?
  5. How to handle KYC?
  6. What if I forget my account details? Does someone gets hand on my account details?
  7. Do I get the account notifications on my phone and email?
  8. Can I make two or more account?
  9. Deposits and Withdrawals sent to wrong address?
  10. Cannot receive notification on E-mail or SMS?
  11. How to reset SMS and E-mail authentication?
  12. Deposits does not arrive in my account, what should I do?

FAQ for Fees

  1. Is there a fee to deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum?
  2. Is there a fee to withdraw Bitcoin or Ethereum?
  3. Are there fees to trade?

FAQ - Miscellaneous

  1. Does AntMEX offers leverage?
  2. How much leverage does AntMEX offer?
  3. Why does AntMEX use multi-signature wallet?